Fall Work-a-thon

Fall is upon us!  Soccer season is coming to a close, frost is forming on windshields at night, and the annual Fall Work-a-thon takes place THIS Friday!

Doing Our Part

Doing Our Part

This Friday, October 25th, students will go out into the community and do work for the elderly and disabled.  Those who are helped will receive the work free of charge.  This year students have been divided into four teams, each with two adult leaders.  Teams will aim to assist a total of 7 individuals or families by doing yard work and other tasks that will help those being assisted to prepare for winter.

As a courtesy to our busy families (and a benefit to OVCS) the deadline for raising pledges will be extended by one week (until Nov.1st).  That means that students will be able to continue raising pledges for one week AFTER we do the work.  This allows students one final weekend to connect with friends, family, businesses, and church members in an attempt raise more pledges.

May God bless you richly and strengthen you in your efforts.

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