During this busy holiday season, it seemed liked a good idea to go over the December calendar a bit.

There will be a school-wide Jean’s Day this Friday, December 6th. This Jean’s Day is being rewarded as a result of breaking our food collection record in November.

Charlie BrownOVCS is participating, once again, in the Limerick Village Christmas, which is this Saturday, December 7th. Come see our “Charlie Brown Christmas” themed parade float and enjoy the many other festivities.

Basketball season has officially begun. Coach Jeff Goodfield held the first pee wee practice yesterday. It looks like there are 15 players participating in pee wee basketball this year! JV players will enjoy their first practice today after school with Coach Larry Knight! Their first home game of the season is scheduled for Wednesday, December 18th against Pine Tree Academy at 4:00.

Lastly, make note that December 20th is a half day of school and the last daywinter break before an extended Christmas break. This will be a free Jean’s Day. Class parties are scheduled for that day, as well. Teachers should be sending notes home this week with more information. Make note, contrary to the school calendar that you received in the beginning of the year, we do not return from Christmas break until Monday, January 6th. Merry Christmas!

One response to “December

  1. Christine Hensley

    Yay yay yay Thanks for the extended vacation!!!!

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