PTF Meeting, Pee Soccer, and Library

Hello School Families!  The year is off to a wonderful start!  Today was the first GYM class and students (and Mr.Winters) looked like they were having a very good time.  Thanks for sending your children prepared to learn and grow each day.   

Please mark your calendars — we are having our first PTF meeting THIS Friday, September 5th, at 3:00.  Meeting don’t always have to be on Friday afternoons, so we will discuss future meeting times and dates at this meeting.  The primary agenda item will be the Cornish Apple Festival at the end of the month.  Teachers will organize these meetings until the time comes when officers are selected.  Minutes will be taken and available shortly after each month’s meetings.  

Pee Wee Soccer — I am putting out a request.  If you are reading this and interested in being involved with the coaching of Pee Wee Soccer, then please contact Mr.Weirick via e-mail or make an appt.  We are looking for someone who is willing to spearhead the coaching of the team.  Typically, Pee Wee meets once per week until Mid-October for 1hr.  Students in grades K-3 are eligible to play.  A few have expressed interest in helping, which is appreciated.  However, we are specifically looking for someone who will run the Pee Wee Program.  

Lastly, I am very pleased to tell you that Mrs. Minor is ready to begin library THIS Friday, September 5th.  This means that all specials will officially start this week;

Gym Tuesday / Chapel Wednesday / Drama Thursday / Library Friday. 

Thanks, again.  Have a great week.  


Mr. Weirick

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