A “Specials” Moment

Thought it would be nice to share about the wonderful way God is blessing the school through special classes this year.  Did you know that the entire school reached their goal of 100 books read (a challenge issued in library with Mrs. Minor)?  Tomorrow, each class is celebrating with a party during library time.  Did you know that Mrs. Blake is working hard to prepare the students for a Christmas program on Saturday, December 6th?  There will be singing, drama, and the message of redemption through Christ.  Did you know that the students have gym class every Tuesday?  Mr. Winters has been having a great time with the kiddos during the first quarter.  Mr. Fred Lettelier is stepping into the role of gym teacher for the second quarter.  Lastly, did you know that students are enjoying regular time in the computer lab with Mrs. Crystal Constant each week?  The older students will all be starting keyboarding classes and tracking their progress through an online program.

Praise God for the many ways he blesses us at OVCS!

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