Chapel Schedule

I am blessed by the incredible chapel line-up we have over the coming months.  As always, family and guests are welcome to join us.  Chapel is on Wednesdays from 9:20 am to 10:00 am.

Today — Armond Tardiff spoke on behalf of the Gideons.  He brought an excellent message with staggering statistics on the number of Bibles that are distributed by the Gideons world-wide — 2 Bibles are given out by the Gideons EVERY SECOND.  That equals 120 Bibles per minute — 7200 Bibles per hour — 172,800 Bibles per day — over 63 million Bibles per year.  Amazing!

October 19th — Kevin Lambertson — Southern Maine Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship (the ministry behind Good News Club)Image result for Good News Club

October 26th — School Pics (a possible chapel is TBD)

November 2nd — Our very own 7th and 8th grade students — Good News Club “Dress Rehearsal”

November 9th — Jim Duran — Executive Director for Bible Society of MaineImage result for Bible society of maine Jim Duran

November 16th — Pastor Dan Ahern from Calvary Bible Church in South Hiram

November 23rd — TBD

November 30th — Clark Carter — Director of the Root Cellar in Portland

Image result for Root Cellar ministry

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