Opportunity: Maine Politics

I am writing to provide you with information regarding two upcoming opportunities involving Maine politics.  The first is an opportunity to “Meet Your Candidates.”  Heidi Sampson is a candidate for State Representative for District 21.  David Woodsome is running for State Senate.  Towns represented are Newfield, Limerick, Parsonsfield, Cornish, Shapleigh, Waterboro, Sanford, and Alfred.  They will be using OVCS as a meeting location from 12:00pm – 1:30pm this Sunday, October 23rd.  They invite you to bring your thoughts, concerns, and questions.  This is not a school sponsored event.  I have simply made the building available and am sharing this opportunity with you.


Heidi Sampson expresses that “Christian Education is paramount to your student receiving an education of academics, not just behavior modification.” She has offered to meet specifically with OVCS friends and families on Tuesday, November 1st from 6:30pm to 7:30pm (followed by a Q+A) to share some of the “recent deceptive strategies pressing down on students at every level.”  Heidi is a veteran homeschooler and current member of the Maine State Board of Education (the first in nation homeschooler to be appointed to this position).  She also says, “Your student’s data is now the new gold and the rush is on to collect it.  The question is: Why?”  I want to provide each of you with the opportunity to join us for what Heidi refers to as “eye-opening discussion.”100_5425

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