Dear Homeschoolers,

Did you know that Ossipee Valley Christian School is extremely homeschool-friendly? We believe that parents are their children’s primary teachers, and OVCS’s role is to come alongside parents in whatever way we can in order to offer each child an excellent education. OVCS not only offers its full-time students many benefits, but it offers many opportunities for homeschoolers, as well. OVCS invites homeschoolers to participate in athletics (Maine Christian School Sports League – soccer and basketball), assessments (NWEA testing in fall and spring), individual classes, class ministries, field trips, and special events (e.g., one-day, come-in-costume, hands-on workshops).

Fees are as follows, and are a great value; for example, the assessment option — two standardized assessments (one in the fall, one in the spring) plus a meeting to discuss results – is only $50. “Specials” work out to only $4.29/week.

Courses: $800 per course per
year (Math, Language Arts, Bible, Science, History) plus $75 enrollment fee
(which covers administrative fees, curriculum costs, and assessment)

Specials (Music, Art, Gym):
$150 per course per year + $35 enrollment fee

Athletics: $50 sports fee

Assessment (NWEA testing):
$50.00 includes fall and spring testing and a meeting with a teacher to go over

Ministries/events/field trips:  Expenses only (i.e. gas, admission, etc.)

There is so much more to say! For example, we use a great Bible curriculum from Summit Ministries that includes worldview and Bible survey, and each class participates in a monthly ministry to serve people and share the Gospel. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at 793-4005 or by e-mail at

In His Service,

Scott Weirick


Ossipee Valley Christian School

Homeschool Registration 2015-16


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