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Ossipee Valley Christian School is a private school serving PreK – 12th grade


Our curriculum primarily comes from the following sources: A Beka BooksSaxon Math, and Summit Ministries.

However, we also allow our teachers liberty to tailor our curriculum each year to the needs of the students, because we believe learning is about more than what you can find in a book.

Grading System

OVCS uses an expanded letter grade system, including + and – designations, in addition to number grades to calculate GPA.
A+ 99-100 A 96-98 A- 94-95
B+ 91-93 B 89-90 B- 86-88
C+ 83-85 C 81-82 C- 78-80
D+ 75-77 D 73-74 D- 70-72
F 0-69    
S – satisfactory    
U – unsatisfactory    
I – incomplete    


100 - 99


98 - 96


95 - 94


93 - 91


90 - 89


88 - 86


85 - 83


82 - 81


80 - 78


77 - 75


74 - 73


72 - 70


69 - 0







Grading Methodology

At Ossipee Valley Christian School we are committed to helping our students succeed. Grades are a way to measure progress and set goals.

In an effort to work with students and parents, we strive for small class sizes and incorporate a system of progress reports, report cards, and parent/teacher conferences to ensure progress is continuously monitored and communicated effectively, allowing for quick course corrections and attention as needed.

College Matriculation

At OVCS we support and encourage each student to utilize their God-given strengths and follow God’s plan for their life. This includes higher education, entrepreneurship, trades, and more, and we’re excited to share in their accomplishments in doing so!

Here is a list of some of the colleges that our students have gone on to attend:

  • Eastern Nazarene College
  • University of Maine at Orono
  • University of Southern Maine
  • Southern Maine Community College
  • Houghton College
  • Asbury College
  • Philadelphia Bible
  • Huntington University


Class of 2020
100% Self-Employed
Class of 2019
75% College-Bound

From 2010 to 2018 we did not have an active high school program, resulting in a gap in Alumni data.

Classes of 2002-2009
95% College-Bound

Homeschool Partnerships

Did you know that Ossipee Valley Christian School is extremely homeschool-friendly? We believe that parents are their children’s primary teachers, and OVCS’s role is to come alongside parents in whatever way we can in order to offer each child an excellent education. OVCS not only offers its full-time students many benefits, but it offers many opportunities for homeschoolers, as well. OVCS invites homeschoolers to participate in athletics (Maine Christian School Sports League – soccer and basketball), assessments (NWEA testing in fall and spring), individual classes, class ministries, field trips, and special events (e.g., one-day, come-in-costume, hands-on workshops).

There is so much more to say! For example, we use a great Bible curriculum from Summit Ministries that includes worldview and Bible survey, and each class participates in a monthly ministry to serve people and share the Gospel. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.