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After-School Clubs 2022

After School Clubs

We are EXCITED to share that we are planning several after-school clubs at OVCS this spring.

Below are the descriptions, date ranges, and grade restrictions for each of our planned extracurriculars. There are age-limits on each club, so please take note and plan accordingly.

Drawing Club

Students in grades 4-12 have the opportunity to join a Drawing Club with Mrs. Baratta and Mrs. Gagnon Thursdays from 3 to 4pm starting March 17th through April 28th in the Art Room.

Disc Golf Club

Mrs. Dayfield and Mr. Lancaster are organizing a Disc Golf Club for interested students in grades 6-12. Students will improve their skills in gym class and several outings to the local course will be planned for April (and possibly May).

Puppeteering and Illusions Club

Puppets and Rope Tricks Club with Dana Perkins for 2nd thru 12th grade will take place on Tuesdays in May. Mr. Perkins is a long-time friend to OVCS and a favorite chapel speaker for all. He uses puppets, rope tricks, illusions, music, and more to share the truth of God’s Word with people around the world! It has long been his desire to pass some of those skills along to the next generation.

Sewing Club

Sewing Club with Darlene Scamman for 2nd thru 12th will also take place on Tuesdays in May. Mrs. Scamman has served as an OVCS board member for many years. She also offers support to the school in other ways, such as subbing and making her famous cookies and other treats for hot lunch. Mrs. Scamman is planning to work with interested students to learn sewing basics by completing a buttoned pouch. Each student will need their own “sewing kit” (or at least a needle and scissors). All other materials will be provided at no cost!

Drama Club

Drama Club with Lindsey Weeks for 2nd thru 12th will take place on Thursdays in May. Mrs. Weeks is a school mom with a love for reading and writing. She has a passion for sharing that with the kiddos. This club is designed to gauge student interest in theater, particularly in the form of drama/skits. The goal is to have a good time learning and performing drama! The club will include some improvisation games and the practicing and performing of a skit (or skits).

Chess Club

Chess Club with Mr.Weirick for 4th thru 12th will also take place on Thursdays in May. Mr.Weirick, our Headmaster and 4th/5th grade math teacher, loves teaching kids the game of chess and watching them develop their skills, including problem solving, planning several steps ahead, and strategizing. Ultimately, it is a great time of fun and fellowship with friends.


Students in the grades indicated can choose to participate in one club per day (Tuesday and Thursday in May). There is no obligation to participate, but our spring after-school clubs are a fun way to try new things and expand horizons!

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