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Auction Update!

OVCS Annual Auction

It’s officially nail-biting time, our annual SILENT Auction Kicks Off TOMORROW and our LIVE Auction is NEXT WEEK!!

If you haven’t been to our auction page recently, or seen some of our posts on Facebook, you may want to browse our updated list of gift cards and items…

We have an IMPRESSIVE list of over 60 silent auction items and bundles, plus over 50 gift cards and over 100 items to auction off at our LIVE Auction on Friday, April 8, 2022 at 6:00pm!

All of these items are listed on our auction page with pictures and descriptions.

A few auction reminders…

  1. You can view silent auction items in our lunchroom starting tomorrow, April 1st!
  2. We will be using YouTube Live for virtual attendance on April 8th
  3. We have a new auction page that is directly part of our school website.

Anyone interested in participating online is encouraged to do two things in preparation for the live event on Friday, April 8th.

  1. Be sure to establish your own Google and YouTube accounts in order to comment and bid virtually.
  2. Take a look at the at the auction page. This page will be your one-stop source for information between now and auction day, including all the details for the event, regularly updated pics as items come in, a list of donors, and more.

As the auction approaches, it’s a good practice to check the site frequently and map out your personal bidding list!

Also, a HUGE OVCS Thank You to our auction coordinator, our volunteers, and all our donors! This is a team effort and we couldn’t do this without any of you!

If you have any question, please get it touch.


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