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Ossipee Valley Christian School

Ossipee Valley Christian School | Cornish Maine


Ministries are a core component of Ossipee Valley Christian School
Class Ministries

Each class at Ossipee Valley Christian School has a ministry. The students and teachers spend time each month helping the needy, encouraging the elderly, and serving the community. Find out more about our ministries below.

PreK and Kindergarten 

Pennies from Heaven

PreK and Kindergarten are teaming together for “Pennies from Heaven.”  This ministry is designed to provide monthly support to a missionary family. 

Kindergarten Ministries

1st Grade 

Kids Reaching Out

Our 1st grade ministry, “Kids Reaching Out”, is focused on Caring for seniors in our local community.

2nd/3rd Grade 

Greenwood Center

Our 2nd and 3rd grade students providing support and encouragement through monthly visits to Greenwood Center Nursing Home residents. 


4th/5th Grade 

Police Pals

Our 4th and 5th grade ministry, “Police Pals”, is focused on encouragement for our law enforcement by providing personalized care packages and support for every police officer in Maine.

6th-8th Grade 

Faith in "ACTS"tion

Faith in “ACTS”tion is local service projects carried out by our Middle School students based on principles learned from the book of Acts.

caring for the elderly
caring for the elderly

High School 

Student-led Ministries & Projects

At the High School level, we are giving students a voice in planning and implementing various ministry projects designed to put feet to their faith “Be doers of the Word and not hearers only”.