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Ushering in a New School Year

New School Year 2023

As we look ahead to the 2023-2024 school year (our 45th year of educating in the name of Christ), there is much to praise God for.  Our prayer is that we each look forward with anticipation of what God has in store for our children – and our families – in the year ahead.    

Teacher & Staff Updates 

High on the list of praises is God’s provision of incredible teachers to the OVCS staff, as well as support staff and several new families!  

With the growth of our school, it is a huge blessing to see progress in our plans for single grade breakdowns as well as several new faces to help fill those necessary roles. 

Kristen Kuschke is joining the staff in the role of Pre-K teacher. Mrs. Kuschke has a variety of experience working with children and several years working as a school nurse in public schools, but what shines through most is her love for the Lord and others. It is a pleasure to welcome her to the staff at OVCS!  

Our very own Laura Harvey is coming on as a 5th grade teacher after serving as a classroom aide last year. 

Ms. Tillie Libby is returning for her final year in the office – we are so grateful for her many years of faithful service to this school! Autumn Gagnon, in addition to continuing as Fundraising Coordinator, will be working closely with Ms. Tillie as she transitions to this role moving forward.  

God worked out these additions and transitions as only He can, and we are truly blessed for it. Please take the time to welcome the new staff and praise Him for the returning staff.   

Maine Christian school Teacher and staff updates Here is our 2023-2024 Teacher and Staff lineup: 

  • Kristen Kuschke – Pre-K Teacher 
  • Leanne Pooler – Kindergarten Teacher 
  • Emily Souza – 1st Grade Teacher 
  • Marymargaret Weirick – 2nd/3rd Grade Teacher 
  • Kim Magowan – 4th Grade Teacher  
  • Laura Harvey – 5th Grade Teacher 
  • Jason Delapp – 6th Grade Teacher 
  • Cody Almanzar – 7th & 8th Grade Teacher 
  • Keith Stackhouse – 7th & 8th Grade Teacher 
  • Scott Weirick – Headmaster & 7th & 8th Grade Teacher 
  • Jennie Bryant – High School Teacher 
  • John Lancaster – High School Teacher 
  • Kelly Dayfield – Gym and Athletic Director  
  • Bonnie Baratta – Art Teacher 
  • Heather Mains – Art Teacher 
  • Lindsey Weeks – Librarian  
  • Tillie Libby – Administrative Assistant 
  • Autumn Gagnon – Fundraising Coordinator & Administrative Assistant  

Learn more about our staff and teachers here:   

Student & Activities Updates 

Our enrollment currently remains strong in the low 70’s, with room to grow in the upper elementary, middle school, and high school ages!  

We are anticipating the continuation of many special traditions this year, including Grandparents Day and the Academic Fair. We are also preparing for a great sports season that includes Pee Wee and Intermediate, Middle School (JV), and High School (Varsity) soccer this fall! Stay tuned for more updates on all of these great events!  

Building & Facilities Updates 

Maine Christian School Building and Facilities updatesThis past January, we started several building projects and increased the teaching staff with a vision of single grade breakdowns. By God’s grace, we have made (and continue to make) considerable progress in this direction.  

Successes include: 

  1. Hiring two new teachers 
  2. Completing a new headmaster’s office, to create more student space 
  3. Finishing one new classroom space 

However, some items will remain unfinished, as we’ve had to modify the remainder of the plans for the coming year.  

Projects still in the works include: 

  1. A 3rd floor classroom  
  2. Second floor bathrooms  
  3. Hiring one additional teacher 

Thankfully, we have all the materials purchased for the next round of work on these projects and will will keep at it to finish them this school year.   

Thank you! 

We have much reason to give thanks to God as we prepare for the start of another school year. OVCS is committed to providing a consistent, God-centered education in a safe environment for your families. As always, we covet your prayers and remind you to be Kingdom Seekers and put your trust in Christ. His promise in return is to supply all our needs and grant us direction.  

May God grant you peace as you enjoy the remainder of your summer and prepare for the coming school year. We look forward to welcoming everyone back on Tuesday, August 29th!  

Learn more about our school history here: 

Learn more about our mission:   

“Do not be conformed to the pattern of this world,
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Romans 12:2

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